I make jewelry for environmentally conscious consumers and geology nerds.

I'm Crystal Sykes - jewelry designer, crafter, and creator.

Unlike a lot of other jewelry creators, I care about sustainability and kindness. I rely on eco-friendly suppliers to create eco-friendly jewelry.

Despite the fact that most people believe natural, mined stones are the best, the truth is that lab grown stones are just as good or better than natural stones, because they are chemically identical to mined stones, cost a lot less, with less environmental impact.

Through the Years

When I was younger, I had a rock collection that I kept in a white cardboard shirt box filled with tissue paper. It was made of up of mostly white and brown rocks I found.

As I got older, tumbled amethyst, mica, geodes or "thunder eggs," rose quartz, and other stones became part of my collection.

I began creating my own jewelry when I was about 11 or 12. After years of practice, and learning I've honed my craft.

For the Love of Geology

At its heart, Northern Rose Jewelry is built at the intersection between geology and jewelry - and how they influence one another to create your personal style.

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What Customers are Saying

"The gems are brilliant, the true silver settings are stunning and the compliments I receive are many. I love all the jewelry I've received from Northern Rose Jewelry Design. Whether for myself or giving it as a gift, it's a great value for fine jewelry." - Julie S.

"I received a pink sapphire necklace as a gift purchased from Northern Rose Jewelry Design. It's the perfect color, perfect size, and amazing quality. I will be ordering more jewelry from this company." - Renee C., Phoenix, AZ

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